Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There is Always Room for Improvement

Change can be difficult for any organization, but it is often necessary to remain competitive.  One way to overcome the challenges associated with change is to develop a systematic approach to make incremental improvements to each area of an organization.  This can help create an environment where change is expected, and force your team to review even the greatest strengths of your organization.   

At Whistle Building Maintenance, we have found some of our biggest breakthroughs by taking another look at our strengths, and are thrilled to announce our latest change.  We will be releasing a specialized inspection, communication, job scheduling, and tracking system to our valued clients during the month of February.  This tool will be completely available online and will offer the following benefits:
·         Online Inspections to ensure any deficiencies are addressed and resolved immediately.
·         Daily Detail Cleaning system to push specific cleaning tasks to top of the “To Do” list for each day/night of service.
·         Contact Management system to link site-specific information to a permanent client record.
·         Work-Ticket system to capture every detail needed to clean every part of each facility.

This system will only improve the high quality of our services and unmatched responsiveness that we currently provide to our clients.